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Why Imperfect Nutritionist?

As much as I’d love to persuade you all that I’d be the perfect nutritionist, admittedly, I had caramel slice for breakfast and I’m now chowing down a burger as I write this post. Being healthy is not about being perfect, in fact being perfect probably isn’t healthy either.

When it comes to eating, I learnt that finding balance is not about labelling foods as good or bad but rather ‘everyday foods’ and ‘sometimes foods’. Applying the 80/20 rule to eating has helped me develop the healthiest relationship with food I’ve ever had. I use to ALWAYS feel guilty when fulfilling my cravings, especially because I’ve got the sweetest tooth. But I’ve now found that when I can nourish my body with healthy foods 80% of the time, I can indulge in whatever I want the remaining 20% and absolutely love myself for it, not feel the guilt I once did.

When you have balance, there is no such thing as ‘bad’ food.

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Features Overview

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LUNCH BOX - Prep MealS

If you have a stressful week, are feeling a bit lazy, time poor or simply need some inspiration – let Missy make a week of lunch and dinner meals for you!

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ABOUT OUR Nutrition consultationS

Through practice, Missy hopes to further educate others about the role of nutrition so they too, are empowered to manage their own health.

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Get Inspired

Missy is always in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and tips and tricks - follow her for some daily inspiration.


Because it’s about everything in moderation. 

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